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Cards are the main gameplay element in the combat of Nowhere Prophet.

There are two fundamentally different types of cards:

  1. Convoy cards, which represent people, creatures or machines and are played from the hand onto the battlefield to create units.
  2. Leader cards, which primarily represent actions or events and are played for instant effect.

Each type has its own deck, which is managed differently.

Cards also have a Rarity and an Energy Cost. Some also have tags that make them eligible targets for certain effects:

  • Armor (leader)
  • Attack (leader)
  • Beast (convoy)
  • Construct (leader)
  • Drone (convoy)
  • Obstacle (leader)
  • Technopath (convoy)

Card lists[edit | edit source]

Example cards[edit | edit source]

A few random cards:

Card Default Convoy.pngCard-stat-bg.png
Barrier. Revenge: Give a random friendly follower +0/+3.

Card Default Convoy.pngCard-stat-bg.png

Card Default Convoy.pngCard-stat-bg.png
Fury: Gain +X/+X where X is the number of convoy cards in your hand.

Card Default Convoy.pngCard-stat-bg.png
Charge. Fury: This follower has Rage for one turn.