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Nowhere Prophet
Nowhere Prophet.png
Sharkbomb Studios
No More Robots
Windows, macOS, Linux
Release date(s)
19 July, 2019
Rogue-like CCG

Nowhere Prophet is a rogue-like deck-building game, set in a post-apocalyptic world of Soma that is inspired by Indian culture and sci-fi literature. In this broken world, players lead a desperate band of outcasts in their search for a safe, new home.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Single-player card game
  • New procedurally generated maps each game
  • Find loot and recruit followers to build your deck
  • Unlock new content accross multiple playthroughs
  • Stunning and colorful art style
  • A post-apocalyptic world inspired by non-western sources
  • Indian infused electronica soundtrack
  • Multiple Game modes

Game support[edit | edit source]

For game support, see the official website.

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