The Explorers

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For the card with a similar name, see Explorer.

The Explorers is a convoy in Nowhere Prophet.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dismantling old wrecks and deciphering lost knowledge, they are looking for the secrets of the past.

Aided by machines these wanderers are careful. Making use of barriers and sniper units to control the battlefield.

Unlock Hint[edit | edit source]

These brave scavengers look for scrap and knowledge at the edge of the map. An Echo may find them there.

Unlock Method[edit | edit source]

Reach the Dreaming Gate (entrance to the Crypt) using the Echo class.

Starting Resources[edit | edit source]

Batteries: 40
Food: 60
Hope: 75

Perks[edit | edit source]

  • Learned Scholars: Start with 10 Scholar. (Visit 45 places)
  • Dismantling Experts: When dismantling an item, gain 25% of its value in batteries. (Trigger 20 powers)
  • Second Thoughts: At the start of your turn: If you have 6 Energy Cells, locate a leader card from your discard pile. (Earn 40 Scholar points)
  • Open Path: Your side of the battlefield always has at least one empty row. Can not gain Believer points. (Intrinsic)

Convoy Deck[edit | edit source]

18 cards, consisting of:

Sort by: QuantityRarityCostFactionTag

. 3 Devoted Guard
1Common 3 Five-Finger Union Tag

. 3 Explorer
1Common 3 Machinists Tag

. 3 Mendicant
1Common 3 Machinists Tag

. 3 Raider
1Common 3 Bandits Tag

. 3 Union Sapper
1Common 3 Five-Finger Union Tag

. 4 Crashjacker
1Common 4 Bandits Tag

. 4 Dozer
1Common 4 Rusters Tag

. 4 Machine Guard
2Rare 4 Machinists Tag

. 4 Signalbearer
2Rare 4 Five-Finger Union Tag

. 4 Blockade
3Legendary 4 Machinists Tag

. 5 Keeper
1Common 5 Rusters Tag

. 5 Scavenger Savant
1Common 5 Machinists Tag