The Forgotten

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The Forgotten is a convoy in Nowhere Prophet.

Description[edit | edit source]

The meek and outcast have nobody but each other. This rag-tag band of refugees are eager to find their place.

The Forgotten are many, but they are weak. Make sure to maintain a steady supply of convoy cards during battle, and expect to take a lot of wounds.

Unlock Hint[edit | edit source]

Forget more than you knew when you started.

Unlock Method[edit | edit source]

Remove 12 cards from your Leader deck. You gain one card removal per level gained (2 at level 10) or a Focus point to remove a card from your deck for a fee from a tutor.

Starting Resources[edit | edit source]

Batteries: 15
Food: 75
Hope: 65

Perks[edit | edit source]

  • Scion Instigator: Add 1 Scion Instigator to your starting deck. (Recruit 50 followers)
  • Deep Sleep: The cost to heal followers is reduced by 1. (Play 300 convoy cards)
  • Forgotten Shadow: Each Combat, the first follower that joins your side gains Stealth. (Use followers to attack 500 times)
  • Lost Legion: Start combat with 1 extra convoy card. Followers with an Energy cost of 4 or higher cost 4 extra batteries to recruit. (Intrinsic)

Convoy Deck[edit | edit source]

22 cards, consisting of:

Sort by: QuantityRarityCostFactionTag

. 1 Hermit
1Common 1 Machinists Tag

. 1 Jaroon Climber
1Common 1 Beasts Tag

. 1 Razor
1Common 1 Rusters Tag

. 1 Worker
1Common 1 Five-Finger Union Tag

. 2 Cutter
1Common 2 Rusters Tag

. 2 Initiate
1Common 2 Scions of the Dreaming God Tag

. 2 Lookout
1Common 2 Shiram Monks Tag

. 2 Pariah
1Common 2 Shiram Monks Tag

. 2 Scout
1Common 2 Blue Devils Tag

. 2 Slave Gladiator
1Common 2 Raj Guards Tag

. 2 Vandal
1Common 2 Bandits Tag

. 4 Guerilla Fighter
2Rare 4 Raj Guards Tag

. 4 Harpy
3Legendary 4 Shiram Monks Tag

. 7 Raj General
1Common 7 Raj Guards Tag

Gallery[edit | edit source]