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The Horde is a convoy in Nowhere Prophet.

Description[edit | edit source]

A pack of beasts of all shapes and sizes tamed and ready to follow your command.

Cheap beast and poison make for a quick advance but be careful or you will end up with too many wounds.

Unlock Hint[edit | edit source]

Hidden at a mighty gate in a daily challenge.

Unlock Method[edit | edit source]

Reach the Dreaming Gate in a Daily Challenge

Starting Resources[edit | edit source]

Batteries: 10
Food: 60
Hope: 90

Perks[edit | edit source]

  • Ration Reserves: Start with 20 Food. (Play 50 Beasts)
  • Hardy People: Heal 1 additional follower wound when resting. (Win 40 fights)
  • Blessed Brawl: Each Combat, when you play your first blessed beat: That unit gains Brawl. (Destroy 400 units)
  • Strength of the Pack: Each recruiting location has at least 3 beasts. Non-beast followers in your convoy deck count as 4 cards. (Intrinsic)

Convoy Deck[edit | edit source]

18 cards, consisting of:

Sort by: QuantityRarityCostFactionTag

. 0 Ghram Pup
1Common 0 Beasts Tag

. 1 Ghram Rager
1Common 1 Beasts Tag

. 1 Jaroon Climber
1Common 1 Beasts Tag

. 2 Blackscale Ghram
1Common 2 Beasts Tag

. 3 Kijat Youngling
1Common 3 Beasts Tag

. 3 Roaring Janwar
2Rare 3 Beasts Tag

. 4 Janwar Bear
2Rare 4 Beasts Tag

. 4 Lumbering Chambal
2Rare 4 Beasts Tag

. 5 Rincha Bull
1Common 5 Beasts Tag

. 6 Pack Leader
1Common 6 Beasts Tag

Gallery[edit | edit source]