The Mine

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Pit Nine, the massive mine is the stronghold of the Union. Before the Crash some of the local workers were collaborating in the dark to unionize to fight against the harsh working conditions. When the Crash hit this existing cabal managed to gain control over the mine. These men and women eventually formed the core for the Union of the Five Fingers. Now most people live on the houses and hovels on the slopes of the giant hole. Work is still done in the mine, mostly by hand. The giant crane has become inoperable and is now the seat of the important and powerful.

The Mine

Pit Nine offers a place to recruit, a market and 4 special locations.

The Crane[edit | edit source]

Approach the control center. Let us through, we have important business. (Chance: Unlikely)
Succeed Get offered a mission.
Accept Fight:

Union Rebels (Union Deck). Enemy starts first.

Area Closed
Decline ???
Fail Area Closed
Let [Rare+ Union member] speak to the guards.
Succeed Get offered a mission.
Accept Fight:

Union Rebels

(Union Deck)

Enemy starts first

+ 16 Batteries
Enemy Surrenders.

(bring enemy leader to less then 3 hp and end your turn)

(Continue below)
Continued from about Talk to Them Join the enemy Fight:

Union Agents

(Union Deck)

Enemy starts first

Teach Rebels Sabotage (Requires Rare Bandit ) +6 Altruist

+16 Batteries

+23 Food

+ Items

Area Closed

Teach Rebels Tactics (Requires Rare Raj Gard ) ???
Leave ???
Leave ???
Take them in alive ???
Finish it! ???
Decline ???
Fail ???
Leave. Area Closed
Hang around Get Warned off Area Closed
Leave. ???
Return. Area Open

The Gallows[edit | edit source]

Talk to the locals. + 2-3 Scholar Area Closed
Hire help.
Hire mercenaries

(Cost: 40 batteries)

Gain 1 Legendary Card (Hardened Veteran)

and 1 Common group of Fugitive followers

Area Closed
Drink with mercenaries

(Cost: 1 Battery)

(Requires: 9-15 Altruist)


+1 Legendary Card

+Followers (Cost: 30 batteries)

Area Closed
Encourage him.

+6 Altruism

Area Closed
Leave Area Closed
Leave. Area Closed
Return Area Closed

The Slopes[edit | edit source]

Sell some of your food Trade. (Cost: 10 Food) Gain 15 batteries

[Rarest Blue Devil] haggle. (Cost: 6 food)

Gain 15 batteries Area Closed
Leave. ??
Hang out. +6 Believer Area Closed
Recruit followers. Try to convince them.
Succees ???
Fail Area Closed
Preach to the crowed

(Requires: 6 Believer)

Succees ???
Fail ???
Return ???
Leave Area Open

The Works[edit | edit source]

Ask for work. Send some followers to work.

(Chance: Risky)

Succeed: 15 Batteries
Send a few
Succeed +6 batteries Area Closed
Fail 2 Followers wounded. Area Closed
Send a lot of followers to work.

(50 or more) (Chance: Risky)

Succeed +25 batteries Area Closed
Fail 2 Followers wounded. Area Closed
Sneak in.

(Chance: Unlikely)

As below
Have [Rare+ Bandit] sneak you in. (Chance: Doable) Succeed Fight:

Beast Horde

You start first

Gain 1 Common gear, 1 Rare gear and some Batteries Area Closed
Succeed +30 batteries Area Closed
Fail Guards are watching you Area Closed
Return Area Open