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The Ziggurat is a location at the end of a map.

It has a recruitment space, a market, 3 special places and 5 heals.

Places Result 1 Result 2 Result 3 Result 4 Result 5
The Palace Leave

[Legendary follower] to the Raj (Requires Legendary follower)

Lose that Legendary Follower,

gain a Rare stack of Batteries, 1 Rare Luxury item, 1 Rare tool and 1 Rare gear.

Ask about the job. Accept Keep the weapons for yourself. -4 Altruists & gain 3 weapons Area Closed
Arm the slaves. Sneak in (Chance: Unlikely) Fail: Fight Raj Guard Elite, then see below.
Let <bandit> sneak in (Requires Bandit follower) Succeed: +4-6


Area Closed
Decline Fight Raj Guard Engineer. Leave.
Decline ??
The Cells Explore the area. +2-3 Scholars Area Closed
Hire help. Hire the guards. (Cost 40 Batteries) Gain quality followers. Area Closed
Hire the guards. (Cost 20 batteries, requires 12 scholar) ??
The City Visit the gate. Watch the people. Buy the slaves yourself (Cost: 20 batteries)
Leave. Area Closed
Look for work. Accept the tax collection task. Get location of tax collector mission marked on next map
Accept the slave hunt task. Get location of Slave Hunt mission marked on next map
Sell followers (Cost: 20 followers)
Return ??
Explore the city. +3 Scholars. Area Closed